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High Adventure


Troop 315 has been a backpacking troop for many years. We have always had a focus on high adventure. When other troops choose the easier path, we choose the road less traveled, as we call it the "Rugged Road".

The monthly troop outings include camping, hiking, backpacking and other high adventure activites and take place year round in a variety of climate conditions. The skills required for these types of high adventure activities are learned at meetings and on the trail. Experienced and highly trained adult leaders ensure the safety of the scouts on every event. Participation on outings is crucial to building skill level, gaining experience and improving endurance.


  • Anyone who wants a challenge (hiking, backpacking, rafting, rock climbing, shooting, pioneering, canoeing, land navigating, etc.)
  • Anyone who enjoys the outdoors
  • People who like seeing sights and experiencing activities you can only see by hiking.
  • Anyone who enjoys a minimalistic camping experience (carry it on your back)

*Trip participation is typically determined by rank, participation and performance, not by age alone.

Colorado 2010

About Our Troop


Troop 315 is a High Adventure Boy Scout based in Louisville, Kentucky. Scouts participate in outdoor activites every month of the year in all types of weather conditions. Hiking, backpacking and camping are the foundation of this troop. All the necessary skills required for these activites are learned at meetings and on the trail. Adult leadership is trained to ensure a safe environment.


Troop 315 is dedicated to fostering the growth of boys into young men by giving them the opportunity to develop good basic values; to learn about leadership and how to be a good follower; to practice organizational skills and teamwork; to become self-reliant; and to feel the pleasure of individual accomplishment through a program of group outdoor activities.


The most important key to the success of Troop 315 is the active involvement of the parents. By providing the foundation and back-up support to the troop, the scoutmaster and his assistants can concentrate on working with the boys. Each parent will be expected to either serve on the troop committee, participate in outdoor activities, help with fund raisers, or assist when and where necessary. Don't wait to be asked, volunteer in a way most compatible with your interest and availability.


Troop 315 is open to all boys living in our community who are eleven years old or older and have completed fifth grade or have earned the Arrow of Light from the Cub Scouts. Boys may remain in the troop until age 18.


Meetings are held every Wednesday from 7:30pm -9:00pm in scout loft located in Harvey Brown church in the. The address is 311 Browns Lane just west of Shelbyville Road in the St. Matthews area. Entrace can be gained through the soutwest rear entrance.


All Boy Scout troops have a sponsoring organization. Troop 315 is fortunate to have been sponsored by the Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church, for over 50 years. The Troop is registered in the Seneca District, Lincoln Heritage Council, Boy Scouts of America

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Haul Bi-Monthly or when full
  • Oct/Nov: Ostertag
  • Dec/Jan: Williams
  • Feb/Mar: DelSignore

Coming Soon...
Wednesday, Dec 2
07:30 PM Troop Meeting
Saturday, Dec 5
All Day Downtown hike - new bridge
Wednesday, Dec 9
06:30 PM PLC Meeting - cancelled
07:30 PM Troop Meeting